Raha Mstarehe – Where time stands still (Champagne Ridge)

There are some places in this world that take your breath away. Raha Mstarehe is one of them.

Less than two hours out of Nairobi, set on the cliffs of Champagne ridge, this is a place where you’re bound to find peace and forget about time altogether. (Read our previous article on Olurur House to get directions to Champagne ridge).

The beauty of this place is that there are so many rooms that it accommodates up to 12 guests! The upstairs section of the main house consists of a kitchen, a living room, dining area, two communal bathrooms and three bedrooms.

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The master bedroom is split into two levels. The downstairs is where the bed and bathroom are. And my God, it has one hell of a view from the bed – you could literally lie in all day taking in the spectacular view. The upstairs of the master bedroom has a lovely office, so if you ever need to get to some work done, this is the perfect place (although I would recommend you get off your laptop and enjoy the views!).

The amazing view from the bed! (Image taken from Travelling Kenya)
Office masterbedroom
The office (image taken from AirBnB)

The downstairs section of the house has two bedrooms, a bathroom, a BBQ area, a dipping pool and a lot of space for you to lounge around. The BBQ and dipping area is my favourite place here!  If I wasn’t in the pool I was busy eating away.

The area where the house sits also has a squash court (which we were too lazy to use) and another cottage.

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Majority of the house has huge windows where you have extraordinary landscape views. No matter what room you are in, you tend to find yourself staring out into the valley, pondering over how beautiful our world is. That’s one of the main reasons why I travel, not to find myself, but to take a break from my laptop or my phone and take in my surroundings. Honestly, it’s one of the best ways to recharge my soul.


We spent most of our day by the dipping pool (a refreshing relief from the heat) choma-ing some delicious meat and sipping on some ice cold beers watching the sun go down. This house is by far one of the best places for sundowners.


At night, we sat around the fireplace listening to music, sipping on whiskey and playing Monopoly Deal (If you haven’t played this game, get your hands on a deck ASAP! It’s so addictive).

We cooked all our meals but there is an option to have someone cook for you as well. Beatrice was so lovely and super helpful the entire trip. She would help us out in the kitchen however she could and would do all the washing up for us. She knows how to make a wide array of dishes and is always keen to learn new ones.

We paid around KSH 30,000  per night for the entire house, split that between 12 of your friends and it’s a pretty reasonable price!

You can book the house on AirBnB here: Raha Mstarehe

Overall, this is by far one of my favourite self-catering houses in Kenya. Easily accessible but far enough to feel like it’s a true weekend getaway. We can’t wait to come back.


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