Olomaiyana – Bisil

Having stayed here a couple years ago I swore to myself I’d come back again. And even after we reached home I was already telling myself we have to return.

Located in Bisil in the Maparasha Hills. Olomaiyana is a private camp, that offers the comfort and exclusivity that many would expect from 5 star hotels.

The camp can fit up to 12 guests, in 5 bedrooms. We stayed in a room called The Glass House.

The Glass house.

Airy, bright and colourful due to the stain glass windows we also had a view of the watering hole, plus a bath tub! Yes please!

Welcome to The Glass House!
The view from the bathtub (with the watering hole in the back)

The Lookout

Now let’s move on to The Lookout. It has a comfortable double bed with an awesome outdoor bathroom!

Hobbit House

We loved Hobbit House. Another ensuite room, with a bed that has wheels and can be rolled outside so you can sleep under the stars!

So cute!

The other rooms are both ensuite. One has bunkbeds and the other is a twin.

Dinning, Kitchen and BBQ

The pool

We spent hours by the pool. Sipping on G&T’s, watching our dogs run around and just taking in the view!

The pool has a bathroom, sun beds and even a bar (with plastic glasses).

More views anyone?

Olomaiyana has two viewpoints. One is around a 15 minute walk passed the pool and the other is a 5 minute walk from the parking lot. We went to both of course.

From right to left. Badminton court, The Den, the BBQ area, the kitchen, dining room and the room with the twins.

If you want privacy, peace, comfort and don’t want to drive too far, Olomaiyana is THE place to go. The Maparasha Hills are part of a wildlife corridor and as a result animals such as monkeys, warthog, buffalo are seen regularly. On rare occasions porcupine, aardvark, lion even leopard have been spotted an of course lots of different birds.

  1. Olomaiyana has 5 bedrooms and can host up to 12 guests.
  2. It is a self catering property but Daniel and Mary are on hand to clean up, don’t forget to give them a tip at the end of your stay!
  3. This property has stables and if you are keen you can even go out for a ride on their horses or pat their friendly donkeys.
  4. The property runs on solar, so no electric kettles or hair dryers.
  5. The tap water is safe to drink so you don’t need to bring your own drinking water (it’s from their own borehole and it is filtered).
  6. There is WIFI available, I know many of you travel to escape your phones, laptops. But it’s good to know!
  7. It is a dog friendly property, just make sure you keep them close to you and that they sleep in your room at night. Olomaiyana does have wildlife around (plus horses, donkeys and chickens) so for their safety don’t let them roam out of sight.
  8. There are lots of board games available for you to play, as well as rugby and football. We even had a small game of badminton.

Between 6 of us we paid around 16,000/- per person in total (for 3 nights).

You can book through airbnb: Olomaiyana Airbnb link

We went over new years and it was a wonderful place to bid 2020 goodbye and welcome in the new year!


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