Rutundu – Silence up the mountain

Years and years of scrolling, gazing at images of this place.

That’s the thing about destinations you’ve dreamed about going to… The excitement that builds as your date draws nearer and the ability for it to take your breath away by its simple, raw beauty.

Rutundu did not disappoint.

STOP scrolling! Here’s a video of our stay at Rutudu Cabins, have a watch 🙂
Lake Rutundu and its fishing cabins

The drive up

The view from the tarmac road
A sign in the right direction

The drive

The cabins in the distance, now we just need to hike for 15-20 minutes up to the them. Our luggage is carried across the gorge.

I’m sure this would be exciting to zip line across!
Home for the next few days…
Main cabin on the left, small cabin on the right.

The smaller cabin

Our cabin (around 10-15 meters from the main cabin). Has a bathroom, a double bed and two singles, a fireplace perfect for the cold evenings and a verandah with views of the lake.

Peaks of Mount Kenya in the morning

The main cabin

The main cabin has a large verandah, ideal for breakfast with a view! A kitchen with all the utensils you need, a gas stove and oven as well as an outdoor fridge. There are cosy and inviting couches around a fire place, an indoor dining table and a large couch/bed.

The bedroom has a double and two single beds, a fireplace and a bathroom.

Lake Rutundu

Lake Rutundu is at an altitude of 3100m and around 70m deep! It’s perfect for fisherman who are likely to catch big trout, for hikers there’s a 2 hour strenuous hike up to Lake Alice.

The word Rutundu means something round in the Meru dialect (according to Cosmos the head of the staff at the cabins). On a side note, who else thinks many of the lakes on Mount Kenya need to be renamed back to their local names? Lake Rutundu seems to be one of the few that has a local name.

Rutundu cabins design were inspired by Alaskan cabins. Large logs are stacked on top of each other with moss placed in between to fill the gaps (great for insulation!)

  1. The cabins can comfortably host 4 pax. It can have 9 maximum but that means you share rooms and one person sleeps on the couch/bed in the living room.
  2. The cabins are self catered, so bring your own ingredients. Salt, pepper and oil etc.
  3. The water from the kitchen tap is from a fresh spring and is therefore safe to drink.
  4. Cosmos and his team (James and Jackson) will clean up after you, do your beds, set the tables, light the fires and put hot water bottles in your bed. Please don’t forget to tip them at the end of your stay 🙂
  5. There is NO electricity at the cabins, Rutundu will provide solar lamps.
  6. Bring your own firewood and charcoal. Make sure it’s enough!
  7. There is no phone signal after a certain point driving up to Rutundu.
  8. If you’d like to fish you need to organise the license etc through Rutundu.
  9. There is a row boat on Lake Rutundu which you’re welcome to use.
  10. The drive up to Rutundu can very tricky especially when it’s raining. So ensure you have a 4×4 (with high clearance) in good running condition, and grippy tyres. It’s about 3 hours from Nanyuki so plan yourself well.

Rates Christmas season: KSH 36,500/- for the whole property. Rest of the year: KSH 30,750/- for the whole property.

For more information check out to make a reservation send an email to


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